Top 5 Exercises That Improve Sexual Performance

Would you like to know about exercises that can revive your sex life and make you feel like the sexiest man alive?

If you are seeking to gain sexual dexterity then you should consider doing some daily exercises, as studies have shown that exercise can boost men’s sexual functioning. Some findings presented at American Urological Association’s annual meeting reinforced that the results of their studies showed that moderately active men were two-thirds less likely to have sexual dysfunction as opposed to their inactive counterparts. According to this research, men who were engaged in mild exercises such as brisk walking and yoga were better at sexual endurance than inactive or obese men, and those who were engaged in doing strenuous exercises such as swimming, jogging or working out tough at the gym, were better at sex and had better erection and longevity than others. It was presented that highly active men had higher scores at sexual functioning. Hence, certain exercises can help improve sexual endurance in obese men and can further increase performance and pleasure in mildly active men.

Certain exercises can improve blood flow to the penis and work up the muscles in and around the penis and testicles, which makes it easier to get an erection. Doing the following five exercises can perk up your sex life and can enliven your sexual prowess.

Push-ups and Planks:

Working the muscles of your upper body is essential for the strength of your core. Push-ups and planks both are the most effective exercises for strengthening the upper body and overall body muscles to increase stamina and endurance. These two exercises involve the balancing, stretching and engaging of each of your muscle groups. Doing a repetition of both these exercises every day will start to show improvement in your body’s balance during sex and will also give you better control over thrusts and intense pushes and pulls during lovemaking, which will enhance the lovemaking experience for you and your partner. Having Male Extra along with these exercises will provide extra width and length to your penis when it is erect, and will make it harder for more pleasure.


This can be counted as a high-level activity which will show upraised stamina pretty quickly because it increases blood circulation to all of your body parts including your penis due to faster and better pumping rates of your heart. Running keeps your blood vessels clear which is good for your heart health and also for your sexual health. Specifically, because clear vessels will help the blood circulation, and uninterrupted blood flow to your penis will mean stronger and longer erections. It also releases endorphins that make you relax and cut off any tensions before sex to let you enjoy the whole experience in better ways.


These are pelvic floor exercises that are considered one of the best to improve and enhance sex by directly working out the muscles of a man’s genitals. This exercise is done on the pubococcygeus muscle – abbreviated as PC muscle, which runs through the shaft of your penis. You can identify this muscle while urinating, by stopping the urine flow midway to figure out which muscle do you have to work out for kegel exercises. Once you get familiar with your PC muscle, the you can start doing this exercise by contracting and releasing this muscle. Contract your PC muscle for a count of 5 and then release it to ease down, do multiple repetitions of contracting and releasing it. You can do this exercise multiple times a day, in any position, while standing, sitting or lying down. This is a great exercise for sex which strengthens your perineal muscle that supports erectile rigidity. You can enhance your sexual performance with the help of this exercise. Doing it regularly will give you more control over your erection, you can even delay ejaculation by contracting your PC muscle during sex as well for a longer playtime and an intense orgasm.


Doing squats regularly will empower the muscles of your lower body, including the muscles around your penis and specially on your hips. Blood flow to your pelvic region is also increased by doing squats which results in better libido, and eventually better sex with an improved desire. This exercise is incredible for enhancing sex because it will make your back and legs’ muscles stronger for better thrusts and pushes. Semenax Review


Like squats, lunges also improve blood flow to your pelvic region because they are typically exercises for the lower body and involve working up and strengthening muscles of the legs and hips. Lunges also improve balancing and thus are good for the back as well, which can help provide you better flexibility and balance during intercourse. Generally, lunges are great for building strength in the lower body, for better hip flexor mobility, and for improved endurance.

Try out all of the above-mentioned exercises for improvement in your sexual performance and include Male Extra in your life for prolonged and enhanced hours of sexual play, and harder and longer-lasting erections for an astonishing performance.