Fast Weight Loss is More Water than Fat

Plenty of individuals want to lose weight in the quickest way possible. Such people tend to be fascinated by a product or service which guarantees instant weight loss. Now as appealing this idea of being on the right track may be such people do not realise they are only wasting their time and energy.

People believe that they will finally be able to lose weight but there is a flip side to this rapid weight loss experience. It is common in such cases that people find their weight loss to continue at a snail pace after the initial weeks. It would have actually been great if all the bodyweight reduction experienced at the start of the program was actually because of fat removal. In fact this is not the case.

Losing body weight may seem to be easy but it’s not magic after all and such instant weight loss is only contributed by water loss from the body. In fact many diet promoters are well aware of this reality and refrain from enlightening the dieters from this fact.

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement which promises results and is not a scam. Unlike other weight loss supplements the reduction in weight in not just because of water loss but is actually fat removal from the body. PhenQ has multiple benefits. It not only contributes in increasing your metabolism but boosts your energy at the same time.

However you must understand that weight loss cannot happen overnight and those who promise you such are just wasting your time. The weight loss you may experience in the initial days is only because of water loss from the tissues in the body. Our body is compromised of 70% of water and every single cell in the body contains water. Fat free mass is about 75% of water and body fat varies between 10 to 40% of water.

What actually happens is that when you consume a weight loss product or service which promises instant results you happen to reduce your calorie intake. In such a situation the body reacts by releasing and burning its stored glycogen for energy fuel. Now when glycogen is broken down its major by product happens to be water as it comprised of 75% water and 25% glucose.

The weight lost in the ‘initial’ stage is mainly from lean body mass. Only 25% is lost from the unwanted body fat. Let us keep the maths simple for you. For every one gram of glycogen broken down the body loses 4 to 5 grams of weight. When weight is lost on such a rate you will obviously be happy with the results you see on the scale. But you need to understand you have not lost unwanted fat but have just seen a drop in the water percentage of your body.

It can be very misleading for dieters to observe great weight loss results in the initial weeks and then find themselves stuck on a specific number on the scale. Why does this happen?

The answer is very simple. An important fact you need to know is that the body only burns fat when it has depleted on glycogen. The interesting thing is that fat double the calorie content of glycogen and therefore you will be required to burn double the amount of calories to burn it.

Fat has less water content than glycogen so when your body actually shifts in to the fat burning stage the results on your scale will be very slow as to when glycogen was burned down initially.

It is very sad to observe that certain weight loss products and services give an illusion of weight loss. People who take an initiative of weight loss are usually motivated at the beginning of the program and they also feel happy after the supposedly great initial weight loss. However many of them lose heart when they find their actual fat burn to be hard and slow.

Such weight loss programs make use of diuretics. Diuretics tend to promote weight loss through the kidneys. The people following these programs do not only lose body water but are also on a high risk of getting extremely dehydrated.  They may face serious health problems if his dehydration becomes serious.

Now whenever you find a program which promises weight loss of around 10 to 30 pounds within a week you will now know what you are up for. Weight loss is a gradual process. Yes it can be assisted with a pill but only a reliable pill such as PhenQ can be trusted. Other programs only give you a fake illusion of weight loss. You will only lose water from your body and the fat burning process will be extremely slow.

Consume less calories, eat a balanced diet, exercise and follow a reliable weight loss program or product to ensure healthy and effective weight loss.